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Expanding Canadian Barley Markets

Government of Canada Invests in Canadian Barley Industry

In early December 2013, the Alberta Barley Commission received an investment of $314,800 under the AgriMarketing Program “Growing Forward 2”.  The announcement was made at their Annual General Meeting by Member of Parliament Blake Richards, on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.  This investment will allow the Canadian barley industry to expand into new markets.

“Canada’s economic growth remains a top priority for the government,” said MP Richards. “By promoting the health benefits of Canadian barley food products, this project will help the sector expand and take advantage of new domestic and international market opportunities.”

The AgriMarketing Program allocates funds in the form of government projects and contribution funding for five years (2013-2018).  Its purpose is to help Canadian farmers and food processors create and maintain access to markets at home and abroad.  Specifically, the Growing Forward 2 policy framework for Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector focuses on innovation, competitiveness and market development to ensure Canadian producers and processors have the tools and resources they need to continue to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

“This investment will give us the tools we need,” said Alberta Barley Chairman Matt Sawyer. “Through the AgriMarketing Program, we can build up the food barley industry and get the word out about a healthy and delicious local grain.”

Health Canada issued a Health Claim for barley, concluding that that scientific evidence exists that link barley grain products to a reduction of blood cholesterol.  As part of this investment the Alberta Barley Commission would like to market the health benefits of this Canadian grain.  Not only does the daily consumption of barley helps reduce blood cholesterol, is loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals and is low in sugar, fat and salt.  There is enormous opportunity for the barley industry to expand into the food sector.  The health benefits of barley will be marketed to health professionals, media and consumers all over the globe to promote this Canadian grown ‘super food’.

This is a joint venture between the Alberta Barley Commission and the Barley Council of Canada, a new national producer-led organization representing the interests of the barley value chain.

Barley Exports from Barr-Agg

Barr-Ag exports Canadian barley, among many other Canadian grains, to countries around the globe.  Canadian grains like oats, barley and wheat, as well as flax, canola and peas come from our farms and/or our local network of Canadian Farm Producers who follow our growing protocols and adhere to our quality control standards.

All of our grains, oil seeds and pulse crops are non-GMO. We specialize in containerizing and loading these products in 20 or 40 foot containers for international shipping and take care of the necessary customs documents.

For more information on exporting Canadian barley, or other grains, please contact us!