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Canadian Hay Certification Program

Canadian HayCanadian hay that is exported to international markets goes through the Canadian Hay Certification Program (CHCP).  This allows approved facilities like Barr-Ag to export Canadian hay that meets requirements for foreign phytosanitary import and is issued a Phytosanitary Certificate.

A Phytosanitary Certificate ensures that the hay has been inspected according to the required procedures and makes sure the product is free from quarantine pests, practically free from injurious pests and conforms to the regulations of the importing country.

In the 1980’s the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) teamed up with the Canadian hay industry to develop the CHCP.  The market for exporting Canadian hay was experiencing considerable growth and there was a need for phytosanitary certification to ensure quality control as more and more compressed, baled hay was being exported from Canada to international markets.

Approved processors and exporters of Canadian hay must go through the CHCP and meet the specific phytosanitary import requirements of each importing country.  To be approved as a certified hay processing facility, a facility must apply to the CFIA with a quality management system in place.

Quality Management System

The CHCP requires processing facilities like Barr-Ag to create and execute a Quality Management System.  This system includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a Quality Management System Manual outlining specific quality management procedures that must be followed.
  • Employee training program
  • Quality control protocol
  • Hay examination
  • Audit procedures

A proper Quality Management System will make certain that the product imported from a Canadian hay processing facility meets phytosanitary standards and follows required regulations throughout the processing procedures including quality control, storage, and shipping.

Canadian Hay Eligible for Certification

The following Canadian hay forages are eligible for certification:

If you are looking to purchase a different species of hay from Canada, the CFIA must verify the acceptability of the species to the importing country.

Review the Canadian Hay Certification Program Standards

International importers of Canadian hay are able to review the minimum standards that must be met by all approved processing facilities in Canada.  Documentation is available that outlines proper quality management systems, the process of conducting hay examinations for the purpose of CFIA certification, and administrative activities required of them by the CHCP.

Review the Canadian Hay Certification Program documents.

Barr-Ag processing facility in Arrowwood, AB.

Barr-Ag’s processing facility in Arrowwood, AB.

Quality Control – Canada’s Leading Exporter of Hay & Forage

At Barr-Ag, we keep a close watch on every aspect of our production, from growing conditions and harvest through to storage, processing and shipping.  Barr-Ag is approved by the CFIA and Phytosanitary Certificates are issued.

Barr-Ag is only as successful as our customer satisfaction; our customers have helped make us Canada’s leading exporter of hay and forage.

Contact Barr-Ag if you have specific questions about our hay and forage or want to place an order.