Other Hay Growers & Sales

Mixed Hay & Straw Sales

While Barr-Ag grows irrigated mixed hay, most of our mixed hay crop is grown on dryland. It is a versatile crop which combines non-GMO alfalfa, Timothy, orchard hay, brome hay and fescue.

Mixed Hay

For further information about mixtures currently available or to schedule a visit, contact us.

Wheat & Barley

Baled immediately following the harvest of the grain, our 3’X4’ bales of straw are hauled into storage to await processing. Straw can be processed into the same formats as our hays according to the customer’s needs. Barley and wheat straw are all also available in large volumes shipped across Canada and USA in vans to mushroom facilities, dairies and feed lots.


small bale of straw

van being loaded with straw

For more information or to place an order for straw, contact us at Barr-Ag.



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