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Canadian Hay & Forage Growers - Exporters of Hay & Canadian Grains Internationally

Hay Buyers & Exporters

We are Canada’s leading exporter of timothy hay, non-GMO alfalfa hay and mixed hay. We can send pictures and samples or have you visit our farms during harvest. A variety of grades, flexible shipping options and several compressed bale alternatives are available.

Canadian Grain Exporters

Barr AG exports Canadian Grains to countries around the globe. Canadian quality Oats, Barley, Wheat and oil seed such as flax and canola are all either produced on a Barr AG farm or purchased and stored (from Canadian Farmers) and then sold Internationally. Barr AG is a Canadian Grain Exporter with years of experience Internationally.

Canadian Crop Buyers

Are you a Canadian Farmer looking to sell your crops? Barr-AG buys Oats, Barley, Wheat, Flax, Canola and Pulse Crops as well as Alfalfa and Timothy Hays. Barr-AG specializes in containerizing, loading & shipping Canadian Grains and Hays. Barr-AG is a wholesale purchaser of Canadian Farm Crops.


Barr-Ag Ltd., is Canada’s leading exporter of timothy hay, non-GMO alfalfa hay, mixed hay, oaten hay and sweet hay.

Along with our hay varieties, we export straw and a variety of grains as well as an exciting new product we have developed called Grain Buyers. Unlike most other hay exporters, we own enough of our own farm land that we are able to grow 60% of what we sell. Most of the remaining 40% comes from local farmers who have long-standing relationships with Barr-Ag and conform to our high standards of quality. Barr-Ag has 2 factories in Alberta where we compress and containerize hay and other forage and we are equipped with acres of storage facilities to protect hay as it awaits export to dairy operations and horse owners around the world. Barr-Ag offers flexible shipping options and we take care of all the necessary customs documents.

At Barr-Ag we observe the growing protocols necessary to export to most countries.

We are able to provide any grade of hay and forage you may require. We take pride in our husbandry and invite you to learn more about our methods on the Products page of this website. Strategically positioned near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we are fortunate to have clean air, long warm days with cool nights, rich soil and a pristine environment in which to grow our hay and forage.

Contact us at Barr-Ag if you are looking for a dependable source of quality Alberta hay, grains or forage.

Contact us at Barr-Ag if you are looking for a dependable source of quality, non-GMO hay, grain, and forage.